Who are we?

               Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.  Carl Sagan

Have you ever been blown away by laying on your back out in the wilderness at night just looking up? No city lights, just the breathtaking expanse of heaven. It fills you with a sense of awe and wonder. God says these stars and galaxies shout out about His divine nature and eternal Glory. How come Carl Sagan doesn’t appear to get it? He looks at the Heavens and He sees the beauty that cannot be denied. He sees the awesome power and the undeniably impressive dimensions but He does not see God. Notice what happens when you take God out of the story of the Universe. Man becomes insignificant, unimportant and of little value in the cosmic play.

Put God back in the narrative and all sudden the universe appears to be Gods voice to let us know how big He is and how much He loves us. We become important with each new star. A new galaxy is simply Gods art work on display; showing off what our Father in heaven can do. I have been fascinated by scientific discussions about the natural laws, constants that define the universe. The Universe is unbelievably, spectacularly fine-tuned for life. Not just life, but our kind of intelligent life. I was watching a documentary about the search for the Higgs Boson particle and this astrophysicist was talking about the universe being so unimaginably fine-tuned that it appears somebody really, really, really wanted us here. Then, he said, “I find that unsettling.” Unsettling, isn’t that interesting? How great are these odds? It would be like throwing a dart from the sun and aiming it a grain of sand on the earth and hitting that grain of sand. Then, needing to repeat that feat a billion times in a row. Yes, it would appear that someone really wants us here. I just don’t know why that is unsettling.

Richard Dawkins, renowned Atheist dismisses this fine-tuning principle. In fact, he claimed that this fine tuning is actually a profoundly Atheistic argument. I want you to look at the reasoning, however. He said there were four basic reasons why this fine-tuning could happen. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiXmWcr1wfw)  Reason one, Dawkins starts by wording this section as the appearance of fine-tuning. He talks flippantly about the universe needing knobs to be twiddled and then says that of course Theists claim the existence of God as the great Knob Twiddler. Immediately he asserts, this is quite literally not an explanation at all because it leaves unexplained the tuner or how this tuner, God, could have learned about these constants so early in the big bang. Notice, it is only discounted because He declares it an idea he does not like, not because of any actual verifiable science. He can’t explain God. Guess what, I can’t either. God is an infinite being who made the entire universe; He breathed life into every creature, and somehow gifted awareness into a finite being like me. Why would Richard Dawkins think that he, a finite limited being, should understand the limitations and musings of a being who is infinite by nature. That is that way beyond his pay grade? It is interesting to note that big bang which appears to be observable to some extent matches what God said that the heavens where created out of nothing. God claims He always was and honestly, I don’t get that either but, … I have a tiny finite brain like Richard Dawkins as well.

What does Dawkins believe is likely? Dawkins second and third reasons both assert that science does not know enough … I don’t see that as proof of anything. So, this brings us to a very popular idea today which is called the multiverse. The idea is spreading across the sci-fi like gang busters. People love it but they have no clue that it is still just an imaginative idea. The multiverse is a foaming, bubbling expansion of universes which are continually springing into existence at all times. Now, for our universe to have the right odds to even be likely, more universes need to be forming than there are atoms in the ONE UNIVERSE we can see. We cannot see or test this idea, but we can imagine it so obviously, God is not needed. This model asserts that purely by chance; matter and energy arise from nothing, life and awareness arise from mindlessness, beauty, meaning and purpose come from random events. Can I just say that I don’t like that idea? Every time I observe beauty, I look for an artist. Every time I observe new life, there was a life giver. Also, Dawkins discounts God as an explanation because no one can explain where God came from.  The issue of explaining the first cause can never be understood by the finite mind. I have a question. Where did the multiverses universe factory come from? It looks like the Atheist must believe by faith as well.

Enough nerdy stuff. When anyone denies God because of the big bang, don’t argue, rejoice and declare your common ground. Declare belief in a universe made from absolutely nothing as well. Work lovingly to put God back into the narrative. Speak of creation as a love gift from God to us. A great big, powerful, eternal being made the universe to demonstrate who He is, Love. He made beings in His image to pour His love into. I love that the universe is expanding and getting bigger. It shows that his love for us never ends and our ability to see it can do nothing but expand as well. My recommendation is this, if you must choose to believe something by faith. Choose love! On the next clear night, gaze into the heavens, look deep into the night sky and be filled with “A Reason for Joy.”

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