All Creatures great and small

            God made the animals to be companions of man. I like that. Animals are our friends. Animals are funny and they were created to relate to us. Animals bring joy and humor. I read an article just a while ago that said, “Although we love our brothers and sisters, sibling rivalry and competition for new toys or new clothes can sometimes get in the way. But pets provide a source of unconditional love when siblings are a nuisance, and kids often get along better with their pets than their brothers or sisters,” This article clarifies why there was no early tragic story in the Bible of Cain and Fido. There was no envious rage directed towards the family dog.

Have you ever thought of why God made Cats? Why not just dogs? I love dogs. Dogs are faithful.  Dogs would go to war for you. Dogs go nuts when you walk in the door. It’s like they see you for the first time every single day.  Cats, … not so much. I think Cats were made as a joke. God’s sense of humor! What other animal gets such joy out of chasing their own tail, catching a snake, or proudly displaying a mouse on the kitchen table. If you have owned a cat, you know the expression, “Look what the cat dragged in?” They don’t get it and they don’t care. Cats aren’t pets, they merely allow you to feed them for a while. Do you notice that Pavlov did not do his famous experiments with Cats?

            I was watching an episode of Myth Busters a while back and they were looking at the belief that Elephants are afraid of mice. The statement and thought is utterly ridiculous if it is considered logically. Oh, little squeaky toy, one step, squish, and no more problem. OK, what did myth busters discover? ELEPHANTS ARE INDEED AFRAID OF MICE!  Not the trained variety, just the wild ones in Africa.  It was much easier for an Elephant to roam through a pride of lions then confront a mouse. Why? I think it is for the amusement of the One who made everything.

In book of Job (a very serious book),   God describes the life of a stork, “For God did not endow her with wisdom or give her a share of good sense”Job 39:17. I hope I’m never described that way! Hey, take a moment and go to Youtube and do a search on funny animals. Watch the otters, giraffes, penguins, monkeys, ostriches and have a ball. I can almost guarantee you will spend some time rolling around on the floor. Laugh, have fun, feel the healing. Go pet your dog, laugh at your cat. Give thanks to God for precious animals. What a gift. What “A Reason for Joy!”

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