My name is Marty Wilkins and I am excited to explore with you the big issues of life. One of the miracles of the Christian faith is that joy comes, most often, in spite of the circumstances of life and not because of them. The apostle Paul in Philippians asks us to rejoice, and again, he says rejoice. He wants us to be filled with a reason for joy. He says that he has found the secret to being content in all situations. Whether well fed or hungry.  Free to roam as he wishes or in chains in the depths of a prison. He was a man accustomed to pain, accustomed to sacrifice, familiar with what it means to be persecuted and attacked by the culture he lived in. His advice, count it all for joy. This blog will look at the very real reasons for joy that we often miss every day. Joy in creation. Joy in relationships. Joy in sacrifice and commitment. Joy in the simple expressions of Gods grace given every day. It’s time to experience God together. It’s time to take Him out of the box of our limitations and see Him for the infinite being He is. It is time to see the world through eternal eyes, the only eyes that can see a reason for joy in every circumstance on earth. I invite you to take this journey together with me.